This small site is "just" a fanlisting, a thefanlistings.org approved one. This is a good place for all fans of song "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam. Join to show your appreciation for this amazing song (with one of the greatest riffs ever, but we'll get to that later).

There are some extras concerning the song itself (info, lyrics, and the like) and they're all located at the song page.

Site info

This fanlisting has been created in December 2007, and it's listed @ thefanlistings.org under Songs Bands/Groups N-Z > Pearl Jam. It's part of Even Flow collective, which means it's also part of Jefflion.net.

Credits: site was created using Photoshop and Notepad. Photos are, like mentioned before, really special Even Flow video screen caps. And yes, they ARE supposed to be... grungy? :) like that. I also used one Photoshop preset shape. Featured on the layout, though not easily recognized, are Even Flow lyrics (one verse to be exact). What a coincidence, that's my favourite verse of the song, with pure classic line "dark grin, he can't help, when he's happy looks insane", which is important and dear to me in so many ways.