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Writing fanlisting wills

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To be completely honest, I don’t know if this trend is new or not. What’s shocking about it is the fact it exists. All over the place.

So, you join a fanlisting or someone join yours, and you visit their fanlisting collective. You get to see all of their current and upcoming fanlistings, and some brave people still display their wishlists (brave, I say, because we all know showing your wishlist can get you in a very bad position of being blackmailed by other fl owners).

But there’s another thing, and it’s new to me. Fanlisting wills. First there were K.I.M. (Keep in Mind) lists, but suddenly, they transformed into wills. Yes, wills. In short, in case they die, particular people will inherit their precious fanlistings. Right. I don’t really have a problem with it- except the fact is unrealistic… In case they do die, who on the Earth would think about stupid fanlistings? And in case they do think about them, who would be the person who’d access fls and send db tables and codes to the new owners? I don’t know how many owners remembered to leave their db settings and passwords to trusted people, just in case. Ok, I won’t continue. It’s too morbid. Writing wills is not a fun thing to do, maybe not even when you’re 95 years old, and it sure ISN’T fun when you’re in your late teens like most of the fanlisting owners.

And there’s another thing. With so many people displaying their “to kill for” lists, what would happen if someone finds their “to kill for fanlisting” on someone’s will?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But. Think about it. Another idiotic trend for spoiled kids who have no respect or understanding for anything more serious than the new episode of their favourite TV show. And now more and more people will follow because it is another “in” thing to have on your website.

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