This is the thefanlistings.org approved fanlisting for Ancient Greece. The concept is simple- if you like Ancient Greece, join to show your appreciation.

Why this fanlisting?

Beacuse I'm interested in Ancient Greece, obviously. On professional level, as well as personal (not too personal- I'm not Greek, but I do find the subject quite interesting). Basically, I like everything about Ancient Greece, mostly the fact that, just like any other time period, it was quite different than people (even scholars) often imagine it. I'd like to explore the world of Ancient Greece, to learn more about it- about its TRUE spirit, free from the stereotypes.

I'm mostly interested in archaeology, and the early period (the Iron Age). Some of the most intriguing questions concerning Ancient Greece, are: was it really the cradle of European civilization? How did Ancient Greeks see themselves? What was their cultural identity? Was this civilization so superior to others, or did it also learn and adopt things from those around it?

I don't expect to answer these questions here. However, I'll try to include short articles and essays on the subject. Please, remember that you don't have to share my opinion on this to join the fanlisting.