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Welcome to the one & only official and approved fanlisting for website Yes, I say "official" because it has been approved by Iva, owner and creator of

This fanlisting is created as a present for third anniversary of Invisible-Movement (24th November 2007).

Join this fanlisting if you are a fan of Invisible-Movement, an amazing website dedicated to one of the best guitar players of our time. You don't need to have a site to join; however, you must provide your name, email and country.


I bet you already know what they are. A fanlisting is a website that unites people (from all over the world) who really love a particular movie, actor/actress, song, singer, book, etc. Unites how? By building a listing of all people who are fans of that particular subject. The original fanlistings directory is famous, a large network which unites fans of the various subjects. There's only one approved fanlisting for each subject. And this one is (hellocaptainobvious) for website Fanlistings are usually small sites, but fanlisting can be a section of a larger website (take for example).

Copyright & Disclaimer

This fanlisting is completely official (in a way that it's approved by the owner of its subject) and is meant to support the amazing site invisible-movement. It's also listed @, under Websites > Fan Sites. However, this do NOT mean I am in any way affiliated with John Frusciante; I just happen to know some interesting people who run Once again: not affiliated with John Frusciante. Just with a fansite about him. Once again: not affiliated with John Frusciante.... (you may continue).
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