is one of the largest John Frusciante sites on the web; and, in my humble opinion, it's the best. Iva, the owner of, created it with all her knowledge and love. This fanlisting is a present for third anniversary of this fantastic website.

About the site

Invisible-Movement was opened on 24th November 2004. In November 2007, the site had more than 500 pages about John, 500 news items and more than 1500 forum members. There's also John Frusciante approved fanlisting (almost 500 members) and god-knows-how-many images in the gallery. And guess what? had more than 600 000 visits. Enough reasons for a fanlisting? Perhaps, but that's not all. Last, but not least, webmaster of is not some kind of bimbo bitch groupie. And that matters, trust me.

Invisible-Movement is not just "another" celebrity fansite. It is large and well organized, it gets plenty unique hits a day, but you'll never find any kind of elitist attitude out there. It's all about John Frusciante and his music.

About the author

Invisible-Movement has been created and is maintained by Iva Tanackovic. On, Iva had stated: "I haven't made this website so people could love me more, I haven't made it because John was sooo popular at some moment, I made this website as a tribute to a wonderful person who saved my life (and others' lives) with his amazing music and other fruits of his beautiful mind. This site was not built to prove anything to anyone, to show off this or that... the only feeling present during the realisation of this project was love. And when you feel the love, everything is so much easier".

Iva doesn't like to talk about herself (wise people rarely do), but if you want to know more about creator of you should check this page or Iva's personal domains and

About me

Wise people rarely talk about themselves. I am just shy.