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This film means so much to me. It's not just one of my favourites, it represents - in a way - my passion about the universe and astronomy. Should I say vega is my favourite star? Plus, the story makes you wonder and be excited and think about all the big things and all the small things . This fanlisting was one of my top wishes for a long time, and I am so happy Mike let me adopt it. :)

 Upstairs and Downstairs
Upstairs and Downstairs: Gosford Park
It's a memorable social study, brilliantly directed and acted. The characters, the situations, the dialogue- everything seems so real.

 In Bruges
In Bruges: In Bruges
In Bruges is one of the best movies of the decade, simple as that. It's also one of my favourites. A true cinematic gem.

 Into the Wild
Into the Wild: Into the Wild
It is an amazing film that takes an unique approach to the story and the issues it raises. Beautiful cinematography and music help. Penn certainly proved he has a talent for directing, and Emile Hirsch gave a strong acting performance.

Starman: Starman
"Starman" is a small, but so warm and unforgettable movie. This lovely blend of SF, road movie and romance works well, even if its a bit dated. But the emotions are real, characters are lovable and Jeff Bridges' performance is superb. A truly touching movie.

 Welcome to the Icarus Two
Welcome to the Icarus Two: Sunshine
Sunshine is an amazing film and it sure inspires me.

 Greatest war film ever
Greatest war film ever: Tropic Thunder
I like "Tropic Thunder", and no matter what some people think, I believe it possess qualities beyond toilet humor and simple parody. Oh, and not to mention Kirk Lazarus.

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