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 The Answer
The Answer: 42
I love "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", especially 42 (also known as The Answer to life, the universe and everything). I'm happy Renata let me adopt this fanlisting.

 No Rulership
No Rulership: Anarchism
Fanlisting for political philosophy anarchism. Used to be on my wishlist, so I'm really happy I got approved for this one.

 Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece: Ancient Greece
I'm interested in Ancient Greece, obviously. On professional level, as well as personal. Basically, I like everything about Ancient Greece, mostly the fact that, just like any other time period, it was quite different than people (even scholars) often imagine it. I'd like to explore the world of Ancient Greece, to learn more about it- about its TRUE spirit, free from the stereotypes. I'm mostly interested in archaeology, and the early period (the Iron Age). Some of the most intriguing questions concerning Ancient Greece, are: was it really the cradle of European civilization? How did Ancient Greeks see themselves? What was their cultural identity? Was this civilization so superior to others, or did it also learn and adopt things from those around it?

 Discovering the Past
Discovering the Past: Archaeology
I am an archaeologist. One of the best things about the archaeology is a combination of field work and academic study: researching, exploring and interpreting the past through material sources.

Bees: Bees
I like bees. Well, I like animals in general and bees & beekeeping bring some nice memories. I'm so happy Inge let me adopt this fanlisting.

 Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure: Butter
I like butter and I can not believe I am the only one. Or the only one who'd admit it. Almost all the food imaginable had its own approved fanlisting, but not butter. So I've decided to make one. Butter is tasty, and it actually can make most of the meals tastier. Just think about a simple toast. See? Or a cake, any type of it. Or popcorn. Mmmmm. Yes, I like it, and I'm proud of it. And just for the record, I am not a fat girl who just loves to eat a lot of high calorie food every day. On the contrary, I don't really like to eat. But I do find some things tasty, and I'm not going to pretend that I don't. Some people say butter is not healthy for you. Of course it isn't, if you eat enormous quantities of it every single day. But if you can control yourself, you can eat butter without consequences.

Contact: Contact
This film means so much to me. It's not just one of my favourites, it represents - in a way - my passion about the universe and astronomy. Should I say vega is my favourite star? Plus, the story makes you wonder and be excited and think about all the big things and all the small things . This fanlisting was one of my top wishes for a long time, and I am so happy Mike let me adopt it. :)

Naked: Coupling (UK)
"Coupling" is one of the best TV shows. Despite its somewhat cheesy premise (male world vs female world) it has all: the humour, the wit, great characters and fantastic writing.

 Dark Grin
Dark Grin: Even Flow
What can I say? I named my fanlisting collective after this Pearl Jam song. Like I explained elsewhere, there's something irresistible about the line: "Dark grin, he can't help, when he's happy looks insane".

 Gimli Elf-friend
Gimli Elf-friend: Gimli
"Lord of the Rings" is one of my favourite books (if not the favourite). To me, it's a masterpiece. I love everything about the amazing world Tolkien created. Gimli is an interesting and important character, and I am happy to run this fanlisting.

 Upstairs and Downstairs
Upstairs and Downstairs: Gosford Park
It's a memorable social study, brilliantly directed and acted. The characters, the situations, the dialogue- everything seems so real.

Grunge: Grunge music
Grunge is my favourite music genre.

 What Have I Become?
What Have I Become?: Hurt
One of the best songs ever written in popular music.

 In Bruges
In Bruges: In Bruges
In Bruges is one of the best movies of the decade, simple as that. It's also one of my favourites. A true cinematic gem.

 Into the Wild
Into the Wild: Into the Wild
It is an amazing film that takes an unique approach to the story and the issues it raises. Beautiful cinematography and music help. Penn certainly proved he has a talent for directing, and Emile Hirsch gave a strong acting performance.

 Invisible Movement
Invisible Movement: Invisible Movement
This fanlisting is completely official (in a way that it's approved by the owner of its subject) and is meant to support the amazing site

 Jack Black
Jack Black: Jack Black
There's something incredibly charming about Jack Black. Sure, when you see him on screen, you laugh, but that's not all. He's actually a pretty good musician. I love his jokes, even the tasteless ones. And I love his performance in "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny". In short, Jack Black is one of a kind.

 Jim site and fanlisting
Jim site and fanlisting: Jim
Jim is such an interesting character, with a complex story and development. I believe his transformation to be one of the central points in the film. I also really like him as a character.

 John Mitchell
John Mitchell: John Mitchell
Mitchell is a very complex character (more than he looks at the first glance) and I love his story arc.

 Don't Drop Character
Don't Drop Character: Kirk Lazarus
I like Kirk, he's one of my favourite actors! Omg, he's soooooo amazing, and unlike all those wannabe hotties of the moment, he can really act!!!! And not to mention he's handsome! He really deserves all those awards, he's one of the best actors on the planet!!!!!!111

 Swinging Belleville Rendez-vous
Swinging Belleville Rendez-vous: Les Triplettes de Belleville
I love animated movies, and I can safely say "The Triplets of Belleville" is one of the best animated films I've ever seen. It's also unique and absolutely memorable.

 Fresh and Tasty
Fresh and Tasty: Lettuce
Lettuce salad is one of the tastiest things in the world. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the wonderful vegetable lettuce.

 Long Hair
Long Hair: Long Hair
I love hair- the longer, the better

 Trotters Independent Traders
Trotters Independent Traders: Only Fools And Horses
"Only Fools and Horses" is one of the best TV shows in history, and it's definitely my favourite.

 It's All I Ever
It's All I Ever: Otherside
"Otherside" is one of my favourite RHCP songs (shares top place with "Suck My Kiss"). I love everything about it: its dark atmosphere, twisted lyrics, Flea's bass (as usual)... And don't forget about the video!

 Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam: Pearl Jam
Almost two decades ago, in the early 90s, I was a teenager... The time when music means a lot to young people. I embraced Pearl Jam's music and it means a lot to me, it brings memories, it makes me tremble. Everything about it. The performance. Lyrics. Dirty sound of guitars. And voice. Eddie's amazing voice.

3,1415926535...: Pi
I'm a bit (actually more than a bit) geek, and I like mathematics. Pi happens to be one of my favourite numbers. I'm happy Inge let me adopt this fanlisting.

 Cute Omnivores
Cute Omnivores: Pigs
I really like pigs. They're intelligent and often misunderstood animals.

Adorable: Russian hamsters
I love Russian hamsters (well, hamsters in general) and they make such great pets. I just wanted to show my appreciation for these cute and lovely animals.

Slash: Slash
I like Slash's playing style. <- an understatement

 You Make This All Go Away
You Make This All Go Away: Something I Can Never Have
While this song doesn't remind me of a specific memory, person or an event, I find it really powerful. It inspires me. There's something incredible in Reznor's voice here. One of those songs that you could play over and over and it never gets old.

Starman: Starman
"Starman" is a small, but so warm and unforgettable movie. This lovely blend of SF, road movie and romance works well, even if its a bit dated. But the emotions are real, characters are lovable and Jeff Bridges' performance is superb. A truly touching movie.

 Welcome to the Icarus Two
Welcome to the Icarus Two: Sunshine
Sunshine is an amazing film and it sure inspires me.

 His Dudeness
His Dudeness: The Dude
The Dude is one of the most memorable and unique characters in movie history. And if you disagree- well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

 The End
The End: The End
It's always difficult to write a description to a song that's, rightfully, considered as classic. The line that made me a fan: "I'll never look into your eyes... again" (with the pause)... Truly an amazing song.

 Down in New Orleans
Down in New Orleans: The Princess and the Frog
I love 2D animation, and I can't help it- I like Disney animated movies. My favourites are "renaissance" films, such as "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast", and I am happy to see traditional animation made its comeback! "The Princess and the Frog" was a long awaited film for me, and I am happy to say I loved it. It is a warm tale full of rich colours and strong characters. I am glad Disney magic is back!

 Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins: Tim Robbins
He's one of my favourite actors and I love his work. That goes both for his acting and directing. Robbins is very talented and devoted!

 Intentional Enigma
Intentional Enigma: Tom Bombadil

 Greatest war film ever
Greatest war film ever: Tropic Thunder
I like "Tropic Thunder", and no matter what some people think, I believe it possess qualities beyond toilet humor and simple parody. Oh, and not to mention Kirk Lazarus.

Unplugged!: Unplugged Performances
I like music, especially rock music, and I admit I like the good old electric guitar (or bass). But acouistic music is special in so many ways. That being said, I like to hear the familiar songs in the new versions, and the unplugged performances are usually very powerful, touching and memorable.

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