"Princess and the Frog" is 49th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics line.

It is the first hand-drawn Disney animated film since Home on the Range (2004).

The precise location of Maldonia is unknown. Its name is combination of Malta and Macedonia, and some people see it as being a Mediterranean country.

Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Tyra Banks were all considered for the lead role.

Tiana and Naveen are already voted as one of the best Disney couples.

Prince's name, Naveen, is South Asian. It means"New" in Hindustani.

Tiana is left- handed. Anika Noni Rose asked for it because she is a left-handed.

Early in the production, main characters were white, and prince was supposed to be named "Harry".

The alligator character in the film is named Louis in honor of jazz great Louis Armstrong.

Prince Naveen is considered to be one of the most handsome Disney characters.

The band that Louis plays for is named the Firefly Five Plus Lou, a reference to the Dixieland jazz band Firehouse Five Plus Two, which consisted of Disney animators.

Prince Naveen has eyebrows like Jonas brothers.

When Tiana and Charlotte are little, in Charlotte's bookshelf the other Disney princesses can be seen as toy dolls.

Prince Naveen and Tiana have teeth in frog-form.

The movie takes place during prohibition, but in Tiana's restaurant, there is alcohol being served, as well as on the riverboat.

Early in the musical number, "Down in New Orleans", there is an establishing shot of the city streets and on the right side of frame a woman can be seen beating a rug off of the balcony. The rug bears a strong resemblance to the Magic Carpet from Aladdin (1992).

Animator John Lasseter described Dr Facilier as "the love child of Peter Pan (1953)'s Captain Hook and One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)'s Cruella DeVil".

The animation style was influenced primarily by Lady and the Tramp (1955) (for the city scenes) and Bambi (1942) (for the bayou scenes).

The star Ray calls "Evangeline" is in fact the planet Venus.

Ray's thinking of stars as fireflies alludes to a scene in The Lion King (1994) where Timon describes stars as fireflies.

Charlotte is the first rich débutante Disney character who was portrayed as a friend rather than a snob.