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Fanlisting pet peeves

I guess we all have them. All the little things that annoy you, and all the details you notice that nobody else cares about. Here are some of my pet peeves:

Fanlisting collecting

There are several things that annoy me about fanlistings. The first being fanlisting collecting. Not collectives, but excessive trading and collecting fanlistings just so you could own more. Or doing the same, but only with popular subjects. I might be wrong here, but is it really possible to care about 150 fanlistings? I know there are people who can manage that many fanlistings, but I have to be honest and say it's a bit too much for me.

It's not just the number, we can all like thousands of things, but it can often led to fanlisting collecting just for the sake of it, or dominating a fandom. You don't really have to own a fanlisting for a band, all the members, most of the albums and their songs. Let the other people have fun. As far as I understand, pays attention to this, so they're not always keen on giving all the fanlistings in the fandom to the same owner. I know, this can be counter - productive sometimes, because it seems that you have less chances of getting a bigger subject if you already own a smaller fanlistings in the fandom. On the other hand, staffers say that they do everything they can to be fair and not to hurt anybody, so I guess we should trust them. In any case, collecting fanlistings (be it general, popular ones or within a fandom) is not a good thing if you ask me.

Fanlisting trading

Also, I dislike fanlisting trading. It's ok to give some of yours as an adoption, or even to trade sometimes... But let's face it, there are people who do this more often than they change their underwear. I don't really get it.

Not having an about page

A little bit of info about the subject is always nice, even though your visitors probably know about it (given that they're fans). For larger and more popular fanlistings this may not even be true (you'll have many visitors who are unfamiliar with the subject) , so having some info or an about page is basically a must. And no, don't just use copy/paste from Wikipedia. You can use it as a source, but add your own touch. (I must admit I am sometimes "guilty as charged" when it comes to Wikipedia copypasting, so maybe I should think abut it!)

Tell me why you like the subject!

Similar to the previous one. But more important. If you'll have only one information about the subject, let it be this one. Tell me why you like it and why you decided to run a fanlisting for it. I understand this information might not be that important in all the cases (ok, you like popcorn and want to run a fanlisting), but if there's a story behind it, let us know. This is especially important for the so-called larger fanlistings (for bands, films, actors, books). There's always some good reason for you being a fan and we'll all like to hear it. As with other additional info, this sometimes takes time to write (guilty as charged again), but it would be nice if you'd include at least a paragraph about why you're a fan of a particular subject.

And more...

Some random things that annoy me: not having an option to hide your email address, asking for additional info but not displaying it on the members list (if you ask me for my fav character in a film, I'd like to see it on the members list along with my other info), not having an option to prevent your info being sent to you (I know I'm pwnding, you don't need to email me my info, letting me know when I'm added is enough!), my country being listed as Serbia/Montenegro (update your scripts, please!), confusing navigation (as with any other site).

About fanlisting pet peeves

It's ok to have them. Well, it's impossible NOT to have them. But try to stay away from elitism, it's never a good thing. So what if someone has a crappy layout or uses IE? It's not like they deserve a fanlisting less than you do.

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