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So, what is exactly an unplugged performance? It's not always easy to answer this question. That's why this fanlisting is for all of the people who appreciate the unplugged music, whatever they mean by the "unplugged".


In its basic meaning, "the unplugged" is exactly what it says- the un-plugged; that is, the music which doesn't use electric or electronic instruments. In other words, acoustic. But there is a difference between acouistic and unplugged, at least when it comes to popular music. The way one interprets this difference can differ.

Basically, the unplugged music is not just acoustic; actually, it doesn't have to be acouistic in the strict term of the word. "Unplugged" usually stands for performances by artists known for their work on electronic instruments. In most of the cases, artists decide to present new, unplugged versions of their songs. These songs are played on acoustic (but usually amplified) instruments. Sometimes, artists play several unplugged songs on concerts, or they organize a special unplugged concert. These unplugged versions of songs are often released as a special album.

Perhaps the most popular was the "MTV Unplugged" series (that reached its peak in the early 90s). Many popular artists have at least one unplugged performance (or an album) in their history. There seem to be less unplugged albums in the recent years, but there are still those who like to perform unplugged from time to time.

Why this fanlisting?

I like music, especially rock music, and I admit I like the good old electric guitar (or bass). But acouistic music is special in so many ways. That being said, I like to hear the familiar songs in the new versions, and the unplugged performances are usually very powerful, touching and memorable.