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This is my wishlist. After careful thinking I've decided to post it here (I do not want to sound paranoid, but I know some people had problems with wishlists in the past - namely, they were blackmailed), but since I don't really own many (if any) popular subjects, I thought it's safe to show my wishlist.

Needles to say, I won't "kill" to own any of them, but I'd really really love to be the owner, especially for the top ones. Still, I'm not sure if I'd trade my fanlistings for them. And it doesn't mean I'd steal them from their current owners.

Top three

The Lord of The Rings (novel)

Why? Because it's my favourite book. It can change people's lives (it sure changed mine), and I can come back to it any time (usually in the spring). Tolkien's masterpiece. There's so much about this book that I love, I could write pages and pages about it. I know many people adore LotR (and the movies are still fresh in people's minds), so my chances of owning this fanlisting are pretty slim. Still, it's my number one fanlisting wish.

Gary Oldman

Why? He's one of the best actors in history, and sadly, one of the most underrated. So versatile and amazing. He can play basically anything (psycho villains, good guys, womanizers, gays, historical characters... you name it) and be equally convincing. I feel so bad seeing he's not getting much lead roles and quality offers anymore (grrrr). I love his acting and his films (especially the early ones), he's one of my fav actors and that's why this subject is on my top 3 list. The man is simply amazing.


Why? These little rodents are such adorable animals, and they make great pets. I used to have many of them over the years (R.I.P. my darlings!) and I'll never forget them. I'd love to own a fanlisting about hamsters, knowing how wonderful these little animals are. I'd make it to the memory of my dear hamsters Malena, Sibi, Beki, Pera, Rosie, Sam, Wendy, Bella, Vito, Chip and Dale. And the ones that were not mine (Tasi, Frodo,Gandhi, Tedi and Milica). As you can see, I really really like hamsters, so I'd love to run a fanlisting for them.



Why? Because writing is essential to me, even when I don't have time for it. And when I don't have time for it, I miss it. I wrote my first novel when I was 12 and there's something in me that makes me write or getting new ideas.

Amelie Poulain

Why? Because it's one of the best films I've ever seen. Probably one of my favourites, if not the favourite. One of those movies that can change your life or help you deal with your problems. It sure helped me deal with some bad things. I guess everybody likes this film. Not sure if everybody understands it. But hey, as with any work of art, the meaning depends on the reader, so I guess everybody does understand it in their own way. Truly a masterpiece.

Anarchism (Approved on August 7th 2009) >> Visit the Fanlisting

Why? It's not that I believe in such a system; in a way, it's too good to be true. But everything I am as a human being dislikes all the other systems (including ones that are highly praised as being "the good ones"). In any case, disliking your government is always a good thing, and that's only the first step.

Bass guitar

Why? Because it makes any music special. Because its sound can make any song amazing. Because I like the strong, deep sound of it. My favourite instrument; too bad I'm 100% untalented for playing.


Why? Because I was a teenager in the early 90s. Good or bad, that's the music of my youth (not that I'm old now). Those songs really had some meaning. And let's not forget about the earlier, non-mainstream bands!

Only Fools and Horses (Approved in October 2010) >> Visit the Fanlisting

Why? The best TV series in history. Period.


Why? It was my fav band when I was little, and I still believe Freddie Mercury had such an amazing voice (the best in popular music, IMO). It would be great to own this fanlisting, but I guess there are bigger fans out there.

Watership Down

Why? One of my favourites books. Simply amazing. I think I first read it when I was in my early teens, but I think I got to fully understand it as an adult. Neverless, it's simply irresistible; there's something very powerful in it. Another book that can touch generations. Another masterpiece.

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Love it, but won't apply

Johnny Depp

Why? Johnny Depp is one of my faviourites actors. I became a fan when I was about 11 years old and I like the man since. However, I would never apply to run this fanlisting because... Well, because it's WAY too popular at the moment. Everybody and their niece loves Johnny and have strong celebrity crush on him. I'm not sure if I could deal with all the fuss at the moment. I still like Johnny's work, especially his older films.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why? RHCP is on of my fav bands. I like their music, their songs, and I really like Flea (the bass player). I won't go into details why I wouldn't apply for this fanlisting. Actually, I used to own it in the past, with my friend Iva. Now we have an "unofficial" ( approved) fanlisting.


Basically, I'd like to run most of the fanlistings I'm a member of (obviously, since I'm a fan). But I guess they all have good homes already. After all, I might not be the biggest fan of a particular subject.